Days 16 - 21

Bizarrely I sit writing this latest blog whilst sat in a bar in Saint-Cere (what’s bizarre about me being in a bar I hear you cynics crying), whilst my wife Liz and best mate Barry (who is over supporting me logistically) have gone off for a walk!
We have had a wonderful afternoon together as we’ve also had a visit from Hattie and George, who have travelled about four times the distance in England and France in four days (in a car) that I have done in almost four weeks.  I always knew that they were going to try to get over here to see me, but they have gone so far out of their way I can’t thank them enough.  It will definitely provide a bit more energy in my tank as I continue towards Barcelona.
I have missed a rest-day blog update and have therefore completed six walking days (two three-day stints) since the last one.  My trip continued from the lakes of Douadic down towards Limoges itself.  John and I moved our base from Tours to Limoges as I began the first of the two stints whic…

Days 12 - 15

As always thank you to everyone that has donated.  As more people become aware of what I am doing and why I am getting donations from people that I don't know (personally) and those that choose to donate anonymously.  All of which is perfectly fine of course but I just wish I could thank everyone personally.  As it stands today the total is just under £9,000.  Thanks again everyone.

Yesterday I completed the last of my 4 day stints, which was a change to the plan as I wanted to watch the Chinese Grand Prix.  It would be a shame to walk all this way to see a Grand Prix and miss one en-route so I decided at the beginning of the stint to try to do 4 days off the back of the previous 4, all dependent on how I was feeling.  So, I'm pleased to report that I went for it and made it, I watched the Grand Prix (which was the 1,000th GP race of all time) and Lewis Hamilton won it.  I personally felt it was a fitting result that he won as the current outstanding driver and that Sebastian …

Blog Update 09/04/19

Thank you for your donations, this is the prime focus of what I am doing, and I cannot thank you enough. Please let your friends, families, work colleagues know what this is all about and get them to make a donation. Every penny raised goes to my charities!
Well I’m now over 550,000 steps and just over 275 miles which represents over 25% of the total distance and just about 150 miles completed in France.  I’ve continued South (it will always be South won’t it?!) from Rouen, following the Seine for a few miles until crossing it for the final time on this journey.  The landscape is predominately flat giving the vista that I have most of the time, as expansive and almost too much to take in.  At times all I can see is fields - mainly green and yellow and some tress and hedgerows that disappear on the horizon to the blue and white of the sky.  At times the clouds seem so close above my head that I could reach out and touch them.  This may all sound a bit daft and certainly I would have t…