Days 6 to 8

As always thank you to everyone who has donated, I really appreciate it as do my charities.

I had some feedback regarding my blog which was all positive, so I’ll continue to drivel on in the same way. As I always say; if you don’t vote you can’t complain.

Day 5 saw me walking from Rotherfield to Newhaven; a route that took me through some of the most peaceful countryside I had encountered since walking the Lake District in pursuit of my Duke of Edinburgh award in the late ‘70’s.  So green and pleasant and vast as it was.  (There is definitely a point here that I want to make but currently cannot find the words for).  I walked mainly through minor roads and footpaths across fields and encountered newly-born lambs and their mothers as close to hand as ever in my life, with no guides (or the like) to instruct me on how to behave.  It was simply heart-melting as they are such cuddlesome, beautiful young creatures although of course the cuddle never comes.  The walk culminated with a climb to the top of the South-Downs at Firle Beacon and views back over East Sussex and down to Newhaven and the Channel.

Well here I was then in Dieppe and suddenly there was the enormity of this challenge.  I have to walk 34 days in total to reach my goal and had completed the 5 that I had to walk in England.  There are 4 to walk in Spain.  France is enormous and I am standing on the (bit of) the northern coast that I had chosen and all I have to do is walk to (almost) the south coast, just the 25 days in France then!  Day 6 and 7 were on balance good.  I made the distance that I needed to cover albeit I had to walk through some pretty heavy showers on both days.  I am based in Rouen which is the capital of Normandy and a very picturesque, historic city; with some excellent restaurants and bars (I’m told).

I have walked 178.59 miles and have completed 357,160 steps on this challenge to date and I am determined to reach my goal.