Blog Update 09/04/19

Thank you for your donations, this is the prime focus of what I am doing, and I cannot thank you enough. Please let your friends, families, work colleagues know what this is all about and get them to make a donation. Every penny raised goes to my charities!

Well I’m now over 550,000 steps and just over 275 miles which represents over 25% of the total distance and just about 150 miles completed in France.  I’ve continued South (it will always be South won’t it?!) from Rouen, following the Seine for a few miles until crossing it for the final time on this journey.  The landscape is predominately flat giving the vista that I have most of the time, as expansive and almost too much to take in.  At times all I can see is fields - mainly green and yellow and some tress and hedgerows that disappear on the horizon to the blue and white of the sky.  At times the clouds seem so close above my head that I could reach out and touch them.  This may all sound a bit daft and certainly I would have thought so had I not been in this fortunate position of being alone in this vast landscape.  (And being so lucky with the weather).

As I continued down through northern France, I’ve walked from Rouen through some smaller towns like Louviers, Le-Boulay-Morinand and Evreux.  Just after Evreux my route took me along the longest and straightest road that I have ever experienced a total of 18 miles long – and dead straight (apart from the road junctions that had been required for the more modern road beside it!).  My friend Wayne has been over until yesterday supporting me logistically and I even made him drive back to our hotel on that route to double check how long and straight it was.

One of the most prominent and recurring thoughts that I have had whilst walking in this area is that; whilst I can have no idea of what those people fighting in both World Wars must have felt.  I now have some appreciation of how the complete lack of any cover (either landscape or buildings) would have been a key factor in so many of them losing their lives.  It sickens me to think of the horrors that those young people of whatever nationality must have gone through.  All that I have had to do is walk in the sunshine!

My route continues through Vendome (where we stayed for a couple of nights) which is in the middle of the triangle formed by Le Mans, Tours and Orleans, and I continue from there towards Limoges.

We’re staying in Tours now which as Vendome before it is full of some excellent medieval buildings and wonderful restaurants.  Wayne has returned to the UK and John is here supporting me now so we shall all see some excellent photographs from this leg of the trip.

All in all, I am in good shape.  Nothing has fallen off; my legs are still working, and I have to say that I am enjoying the whole experience.  It’s very difficult to explain why that is and maybe I won’t really know that until it’s over which I really hope is in just over 4 weeks-time at the Circuit-de-Catalunya.

Finally, if you can think of any way that you can help engage more people in what I am doing and more importantly why I am doing it please do it or tell me what I need to do.  This really isn’t about me and it’s not even about Hattie (although she really is a marvel), this is about anyone and everyone that has been touched by cancer.  Please work with me and help me to make a difference.

Thank you.